Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

The Mobile Minds from Cologne Intelligence have developed an Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation based on Google Tango. The solution is easy and fast to deploy and is suitable for a variety of industries, all of which can benefit from the innovative features.

The main features include:

  • Precise and smooth indoor positioning and navigation
  • Navigating to Points of Interests (POIs)
  • Augmentation from POIs
  • Location Based Services

Extensive analysis possibilities (real-time analyzes, movement profiles, etc.)

Who can benefit from this?

The range of use for our solution are diverse. In addition to retail, trade fairs and conferences, as well as public buildings, the industrial and logistics sector offers an enormous potential for location-based services, route optimization, POIs and augmented information.

What do we offer?

Are you Curious? Then let us get started right away.We offer to set up a data-based Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation within one day in a sample location of your choice.
Contact us now and test the resilience of our solution for your specific use cases!

Why use Google Tango?

In recent years, a variety of solutions have been developed for augmented indoor navigation. All solutions have one thing in common: they are generally based on beacons or Wifi and are therefore dependent on a complex infrastructure which needs to be installed and operated. In addition, often this setup does not meet the requirements in terms of accuracy and flow.
With Google Tango, an innovative technology is available that makes the infrastructural dependencies to Beacon and Co. obsolete for the the context of indoor navigation. "Data only" is called the Google Tango Recipe, is realized by the main features of Motion Tracking, Area Learning and Depth Perception and requires no external devices or optical markers.