Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

The augmented reality indoor navigation app, INPLACES, provides you with a new form of orientation, makes your data visible where you need it, and opens up new possibilities to your business processes.

INPOSITION | Indoor Positioning System

Those who want to offer location-based services must get to know the location.
INPOSITION enables you to get acquainted with a location and provides the positioning data for our location-based augmented reality services.
uses the new technologies of standard smartphones such as ARKit and ARCore and thus offers a high degree of scaling.
INPOSITION is purely data-based and is independent of hardware infrastructures such as beacon or LED systems.
INPOSITION features positioning with centimetre accuracy and enables smooth, seamless tracking, similar to the experience of outdoor navigation via GPS.

INPLACES | Location-based Augmented Reality Services

Those who know the location can offer location-based services.

INPLACES offers an innovative user interface through which your location-based service take place in an immersive 3D world in real time.
INPLACES is an app component and can be integrated as a feature into any location-based service such as indoor navigation, product presentations or process/data deployment.
INPLACES integrates with the 2D world of Google Maps, enabling seamless navigation between indoor and outdoor spaces.

What can we do for you?

The areas of application for location-based augmented reality services are manifold! For example, our indoor navigation is ideally suited as a mobile guide at trade fairs and conferences and also in public buildings. In the context of industrial processes, location-based augmented reality enables you to re-experience your data and reveals new aspects of your processes.

We offer you a "proof of concept", in which we set up a data-driven service at an example location of your choice. This we can complete within just one business day. Then using this proof, we will work with you to develop a tailored concept for your location-based augmented reality service app.