Augmented Reality Location-based Services

Our augmented reality indoor navigation services provide you with a new form of orientation, make your data visible where you need it, and opens up new possibilities to your business processes.

Unsere Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation App INPLACES

Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

Our solutions offer an innovative user interface through which your location-based service takes place in an immersive 3D world in real time.

The areas of application for location-based augmented reality services are manifold! For example, our indoor navigation is ideally suited as a mobile guide at trade fairs and conferences, public transport and also in public buildings.

In the context of industrial processes, location-based augmented reality enables you to re-experience your data and reveals new aspects of your processes.

We rely on the technology of inplaces

inplaces provides eine Augmented Reality 3D Indoor positioning, fundament for anyAugmented Reality Location Based Service like Indoor Navigation.

inplaces is based on visual data and independent on hardware infrastructures like beacon or wifi. The setup oft he positioning services could be done in a self service mode without any special equipment. Just a smartphone is needed and the inplaces setup  app.


What can we do for you?

We offer you a „proof of concept“, in which we set up a data-driven service at an example location of your choice. This we can complete within just one business day. Then using this proof, we will work with you to develop  a tailored concept for your location-based augmented  reality service app.